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  • Nicksim80
    24.8.2019 3:47:44

    Yes, just trying to work out what is the best solution for my needs.

    So far I think bfexplorer is best long term solution, but it requires me to get the programming to work.

    Where as I can achieve my strategies with Bet Angel, but it takes a lot of spreadsheets to make it work. There is no elegant solution with Bet Angel.

  • Nicksim80
    18.8.2019 13:04:51

    Thanks, I got it to work after many attempts. I am not a software developer or programmer, but I can learn enough to get things to work.

    I still think you should do a video as many of your users are not software developers or programmers and this would help them get started with your SDK and become familiar with IDE's and setting up the references and outputs.

    Once you understand that process you can learn to write and debug your code and eventually get it to work.

  • Nicksim80
    18.8.2019 2:09:35

    OK I managed to change the script file and get it to build in the IDE environment with no errors by linking all of the references, but still unable to export it and get it to work in bfexplorer.

    Also, still having issues connecting to Bfexplorer BOT SDK. Maybe you can do a video showing how this is done for the first time in Visual Studio. I'm sure this will help a lot of the newbies. The coding I can probably work out, but it's the setup work that is tricky as it is specific to bfexplorer and difficult to find help on google for this.

  • Nicksim80
    17.8.2019 9:13:12

    I'm having trouble compiling your script to .net assembly as you suggest. I first tried loading it as you did in your video, but I get error... "The bot Execute Trigger Bot has been started. The bot Execute Trigger Bot ended."

    I tried loading your scripts and projects from Bfexplorer BOT SDK in Visual Studio, but they do not run or compile as you show in your videos. Is there something I am not doing correctly? Am I missing something?

    I think your software can do what I need, but will need some assistance to make it work.

  • Nicksim80
    17.8.2019 9:00:06

    I can automate the setting of these constants as they are generated with my data analysis. What I cannot do is automate the process of placing the bets.

    I can export for example a CSV file to a specific location every time there is a change to my constants/varibles. I'd like bfexplorer to read these constants/variables and then place bets accordingly.

    Doing it manually is too time consuming and prone to me missing games as they are at different times/days.

  • Nicksim80
    16.8.2019 7:27:09

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I managed to get the first strategies working - runing them manually works well. Would be nice if it can set-up to run automatically for the selected leagues.

    I'm happy to subscribe and if you can assist with the other part of the strategy (custom variable lookup from another file/location) would be appreciated. My programming skills are not great, but if you get me started I can modify and get the rest to work. :)

  • Nicksim80
    15.8.2019 2:24:41

    Thanks for your help, I will give that a try and see how it goes. Looks like a good manual way to run the bots.


    Did you have a solution for the following problem?

    Let's say I have an arbirtary constant value that I set for each league. For example:

    EPL: Value = 0.5 this week and changes to Value = 0.6 next week and changes to Value = 0.4 the 3rd week. This value would change every week.

    I'd like to set the bot to only place the above Back Bets if say the value is above above 0.45. So for EPL it would place the back bets this week and next week, but not on the 3rd week.

    Where do I store this variable? Can the bot read an external text file or spreadsheet, then look for a particular value and then execute the above strategies based on this value?

    Appreciate your help with this.