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  • MopsyTurtle
    25.4.2018 21:23:08

     I have an ultra-wide monitor 2560x1080, so for someone like me having another column would be no bother at all. But I realise that not everyone does, so maybe a customisable UI would a nice-to-have in the future.

    As a fellow developer, I doubt that the criteria editor is too complicated for me to understand. As long as it follows logic (which I'm sure it does), there should be no problem. I certainly would enjoy some more flexibility on the football bot.

  • MopsyTurtle
    25.4.2018 18:34:20

    I think that some additional functionality would be good on the Football bot. Can we have a "MatchScoreStop" as well as the "MatchTimeStop"?

    This way we could put multiple scores in there to make the bot stop. If I could prevent the bot from even starting if the score is not 0-0, that would be the perfect use of resources.

    Many thanks.

  • MopsyTurtle
    25.4.2018 18:19:41

    It is a relief to know that I'm not doing anything wrong. I had understood the "Monitored" column in the present tense, rather than both the present and past tense.

    Am I correct to assume that there is nothing in the "Order / Bot Executor" window that tells me what is being monitored right now and using the resources of the software to do so? The reason I ask is because on a saturday there are far more football matches than any other day of the week, and I do not want to use resources where they are not required.

  • MopsyTurtle
    25.4.2018 16:47:56

    Thanks for your reply Stefan. I'm not sure if what I'm expecting to see in the Order/Bot Executor window is what it should be. There is a column that says "Monitored", and when the bot hasn't started there is no checkmark there, which is great. When the bot starts this column becomes checked, which is also great. However when the bot stops this column still has a checkmark against it and I was expecting to become unchecked. I have the Output window open and I can see the message to say that the bot has stopped. In essense what I am wondering is if there is a checkmark in the "Monitored" column is it using the resouces to actively monitor it or not? Because unless I am doing something wrong once this column becomes checked it never becomes unchecked even long after the game has ended.

  • MopsyTurtle
    18.1.2018 17:42:48

    Many thanks for adding those clauses to the Repeat bot.

    I haven't yet figured out a way to tell a bot where the trading range is. So unfortunately a horse that is drifting will continue to lose money. Is there anyway to do that and I have missed it?

    I want to put a back bet in at the upper part of the trading range and then wait for a favorable swing.


  • MopsyTurtle
    9.1.2018 20:06:25

    In case I was on the wrong version of the software, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it using the link that you provided. The filesize was 21.8 MB.

    The version I have installed says that is version 2.0.6580

    Nothing has changed. There is still no "My bots" tab in the navigation window. The "My Tools" window has only 3 tools.

    I was just watching a video on youtube that had a long list of "BFExplorer Community Bots". I have a a window that says "My orders / Bots to execute", which has a plus icon that when I click has a list of bots, but not the community bots.

    There is clearly something wrong, especially because my menu bar and windows are different to those that I've seen in the videos.

  • MopsyTurtle
    8.1.2018 17:25:13

     In my navigation window there is no tab that says "My bots". My navigation window has 2 tabs: "Navigation" and "Watched selections". Please tell me how to add the "My bots" tab.

    If I'm using the full software then where do I download more "My tools"?

    Sorry if these seem stupid questions, but it just isn't obvious.