User Comments

  • Rui
    12.2.2018 21:32:57

     Absolutely fantastic upgrade, the features you added to the "Football Bot" and "FillorKill" bots. They really open a new wide range of approaches as "Football Bot" times, as well as placing and cancelling of KeepInPlay bets can now be much more accurate.   

  • Rui
    9.2.2018 15:24:42

    All of your help and advice is of great value to me.

    1) Isn't it possible to cancel the unmatched bets individually ?

    2) The greatest problem here is that the referees always add minutes at the end of the first half and the 90 minutes. I'll send you e-mail with all specs and you'll let me know how much could it cost to retrieve and process this extra info.

    3) This is great. Thanks !