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  • Rui
    26.3.2018 21:22:07

    Thanks. That's great. I've downloaded the new version of Bf Explorer but it erased my bots on the software and now I can't upoload my bots. I open them, but they don't appear in the software. Do you know what this problem is ?

  • Rui
    25.3.2018 17:09:09

    Yes, but if there's no access to the livescore (as you may know some markets have no livescore access), it doesn't enter or cancel with the football bot. Only with time (00:00:00). The clock isn't for cancelling the Cancel Bots On Selection bot (which is obvious), but the bot it executes. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Rui
    24.3.2018 19:37:07

    Dear Stefan, is it possible to include the "Stop At Time" clock in the "Cancel Bots On Selection" bot ? This would be a really important add on. Thanks alot for all your help and availability

  • Rui
    27.2.2018 6:11:04

    Off course, with "Order / Bot Executer" it's much easier. I was only using the "Event Browser" and "Open Markets" tabs.

    Knowlwdge is everything !

    The "FavouriteIndex" criteria only applies to the "Match Odds" market ? I tried to use it in the "Correct Score" market to filter selections with first "Lay" bets under the odd 2. I've selected, for example, "FavouriteIndex" Equals 1 AND "Laybook" Is less than 2 to run a bot in the 0-0 result...but it didn't work. It must be possible to choose a selection and add a condition in the "Criteria" folder. What am I missing here ? 

    Aren't there any descriptions, videos or examples using FavouriteIndex, ProfitBalance, BackBook and LayBook criteria ? That would be just great to find.

    Thanks again for all your help !

  • Rui
    23.2.2018 16:59:03


    I'm having a problem with market refresh. I Open the markets and allocate all bots, but the software isn't detecting when a market goes InPlay and doesn't run the bots, unless I open each one of them manually.

    Could it be related to the "Execute Order / Bot" option in the "Market" folder (which isn't available for selection) ?


    Thanks alot for all your help !

  • Rui
    12.2.2018 21:32:57

     Absolutely fantastic upgrade, the features you added to the "Football Bot" and "FillorKill" bots. They really open a new wide range of approaches as "Football Bot" times, as well as placing and cancelling of KeepInPlay bets can now be much more accurate.   

  • Rui
    9.2.2018 15:24:42

    All of your help and advice is of great value to me.

    1) Isn't it possible to cancel the unmatched bets individually ?

    2) The greatest problem here is that the referees always add minutes at the end of the first half and the 90 minutes. I'll send you e-mail with all specs and you'll let me know how much could it cost to retrieve and process this extra info.

    3) This is great. Thanks !