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  • Stefan
    14.7.2015 13:04:30

    Please watch all main product feature videos:


  • Stefan
    14.7.2015 10:59:30

    Actually this spreadsheet ladder allows one click bot execution. You can type a bot name to every row on one or the other side of ladder.

    As I said I see some potential in spreadsheet dashboards, for instance in tennis trading you could prepare different execution plans for different match scenarios.

  • Stefan
    13.7.2015 18:16:56

    I would like to ask to make a short video showing a problem you describe.


    You are Czech, so are able to read the email from other Slovak user who notice some problems I was not able to reproduce:

  To Test Betfair Bot?


    In your case I cannot see a problem why bfexplorer should show different profit balance on an open bet position when bet was placed on odds you described.

  • Stefan
    13.7.2015 18:03:34

    Your ladder can be built in simplified version using custom built bot and built-in bfexplorer spreadsheet.


    In this bot I implemented bot execution similar to the one you can use in bfexplorer ladder context menu, when declaring the bot category name: My Ladder Bot.

    In this case you can define/name your bots you want to execute from spreadsheet in columns B or E, when clicking on a cell with a bot name in the spreadsheet your bot is executed with changed BetType parameter of the bot depending on which column the bot name is, so B column sets Back, and E column sets Lay bet type for executed bot, if this bot supports BetType parameter, of course.

    You can see that I declared general trading bot (Trade 3 ticks) to be executed from the spreadsheet. For now I cannot see any value in your approach, but I find it interesting to include such bot in Bfexplorer BOT SDK, as a sample for using Bfexplorer Spreadsheet and custom built bot.

    I can see some advantage of using Bfexplorer Spreadsheet for building custom dashboards for some betting or trading solutions on more associated markets, or in any dashboard solution.

    For a common user what is offered in the card view of Open Markets view, is really enough to managing bet position on a lot of open markets.

    Bfexplorer spreadsheet can be used as well for data visualization, so it has some advantage for users who are familiar with bot programming.

    I build bespoke solutions for betfair, so your ladder with selected price ranges can be built, but that is a question of your budget you are willing to pay for development of custom built software for betfair.

  • Stefan
    7.7.2015 13:02:03

    I made a video showing how you can use bfexplorer to execute your betting or trading strategy on selected market selections.

    Bfexplorer is able to monitor a lot of markets concurrently, and run bots on such markets as well. Manually opening a lot of markets and executing bots on them make sense only if your betting/trading strategy involves market price monitoring for long period of time before bet placement is actually triggered.

    If your strategy needs to execute a triggered bet placement just couple seconds before horse racing start, then you should use Bot Executor tool, and if you manually select your market selections then you should use Bot Executor for Selections tool.

    Both tools start market monitoring automatically at time you set, and continue market monitoring till action bot is active on the market.

    In my video I used OLBG web site to bet or trade on free tips offered by users of this web site. You can see that opening markets using bfexplorer Bet Event Browser is not as complicated as you could assume. You open Upcoming events and filter by event type, in my case Soccer, and/or Horse racing. Then you can use searching capabilities of bfexplorer to find desired market, or selection.

    On my video can be seen that searching capabilities are supported by all grid views, I searched for preconfigured bots in My Bots view as well.

    Bot Executor for Selections tool uses Bet Event or Market Selections view to add your market selections. You select your market selection and add it to Bot Executor for Selections by clicking on context menu (right click mouse button) Add Market Selection to Bot Executor.

    After adding your sections to this tool you can assign an action bot you want to execute on these market selections. The tool uses My Bots preconfigured bots, so you can execute different betting or trading strategies on these selections. In my video I set to back one selection, and lay two other selections, on the one market selection I set to execute back trading bot to close position hedging for 3 ticks profit.

    All bfexplore bot are configurable using a lot of parameters. For now there is only one bot supporting target triggered continuation of betting or trading on more markets: Execute Till Target Profit.

    On the other hand bfexplorer offers Bfexplorer BOT SDK so if you are familiar with programming you can create your own custom bot to executed different methods of market selection or staking plan execution.

    It is almost impossible to create a universal solution for market selection, bet triggering and staking plan execution, just by constructing bots with preset parameters.

    As I said those familiar with programming can use Bfexplorer BOT SDK to program anything, for the rest I will try to make some kind of scripting bot.

  • Stefan
    23.6.2015 10:24:37

    Open the Output view clicking on the menu item View / Output. If betfair api refused to placed your bet then you could read the error message associated with this bet placing. I assume you will read the following message: Failed to place bet: INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS.

  • Stefan
    10.6.2015 9:06:12

    There is a list of product features with short videos. Click on the product feature you want to learn more and watch a video.

  • Stefan
    31.5.2015 13:28:39

    This video just shows possibilities of Bfexplorer BOT SDK and Bfexplorer UI (User Interface) to visualize some signals used for manual trading. Any BOT developer can develop similar ones.

    Unfortunately, bots presented in this video are not available for public use, as are part of my bigger project for automated trading on horse racing markets utilizing machine learning.

  • Stefan
    30.5.2015 18:17:02

    What is the advantage of reversed ladder? I would say none.

  • Stefan
    29.5.2015 10:41:00

    Thanks to hrabia for donating 80 EUR for further development of this betfair tennis bot.

  • Stefan
    20.5.2015 16:10:41

    Thanks to dkonemedia for donating 30 GBP for further development of this tool. The goal target is set to 300 GBP for releasing this tool for public use. Any donated amount will give a donor a pre-release access to this tool.

    This beta version includes tool integration with bfexplorer, so you reopen monitored market to bfexplorer by clicking on Open in bfexplorer button.

    Betfair API implementation limits total amount of data retrieved through betfairAPI, therefore keep in mind that you can open for monitoring a reasonable amount of markets.

  • Stefan
    15.4.2015 7:37:57

    It is last price traded volume.

  • Stefan
    14.4.2015 19:31:54

    Pridal som ešte dve položky, máme teda možnosť nastaviť 5 rôznych stávok. Ak obchodujete, skúste si navoliť Tick Profit alebo NET Tick Profit. Podľa kurzu je potom vypočítaná stávka tak, aby bol rovnaký zisk na tick, bez ohľadu na to na akom kurze ste otvorili pozíciu.

  • Stefan
    25.3.2015 14:24:01

    Hi Eduardo, yes I added that tool. It is programmed to place only back dutching bets, and you can use it on one market as well.

    Actually it offers maybe a better user experience than Back Dutching tool because it is simpler just to drag and drop couple selections you would want to dutch. In Back Dutching tool, you would have to unselect all selections first.

    I asked you for some formulas because it is not so easy to calculate liability of dutching bets on more markets, for now I left this feature showing only values on dutching market selections.

  • Stefan
    19.3.2015 18:46:27

    Can you give me formulas for such dutching calculations?

  • Stefan
    18.3.2015 18:11:34

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers NinjaTrader tool. I hope you will show bfexplorer community, how to setup NinjaTrader app and how to use this tool from bfexplorer. 

  • Stefan
    2.3.2015 10:43:21

    Our betfair subscription activation service was down for two days. At the moment all should work, try again login and activate your subscription. Your subscription code will be generated automatically.