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  • Stefan
    14.4.2015 19:31:54

    Pridal som ešte dve položky, máme teda možnosť nastaviť 5 rôznych stávok. Ak obchodujete, skúste si navoliť Tick Profit alebo NET Tick Profit. Podľa kurzu je potom vypočítaná stávka tak, aby bol rovnaký zisk na tick, bez ohľadu na to na akom kurze ste otvorili pozíciu.

  • Stefan
    25.3.2015 14:24:01

    Hi Eduardo, yes I added that tool. It is programmed to place only back dutching bets, and you can use it on one market as well.

    Actually it offers maybe a better user experience than Back Dutching tool because it is simpler just to drag and drop couple selections you would want to dutch. In Back Dutching tool, you would have to unselect all selections first.

    I asked you for some formulas because it is not so easy to calculate liability of dutching bets on more markets, for now I left this feature showing only values on dutching market selections.

  • Stefan
    19.3.2015 18:46:27

    Can you give me formulas for such dutching calculations?

  • Stefan
    18.3.2015 18:11:34

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers NinjaTrader tool. I hope you will show bfexplorer community, how to setup NinjaTrader app and how to use this tool from bfexplorer. 

  • Stefan
    2.3.2015 10:43:21

    Our betfair subscription activation service was down for two days. At the moment all should work, try again login and activate your subscription. Your subscription code will be generated automatically.