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Subscription Activation problem.

Hi Stefan,

I just tried to login and was asked to active my subscription but I can't figure out how to do that because the email which I received after the subscription purchase doesn’t contain any activation code, it only has the number of subscription: S-57A47204VN417381E

Here's my email:

I would appreciate your help.




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  • Betfair Bot
    26.8.2015 15:15:44

    Ilya, betfair api subscription is generated automatically, but in your case I did not realize that after switching your subscription to Free Professional in the next activation period there will be checked if you posted at least 5 articles or forum post on bfexplorer web site, therefore you were asked to subscribe as not fulfilling these conditions.

    It is just coincidence, because when paying for Basic subscription, you still had active betfair api access from your trial period, so new subscription was not created, lesson learnt.

    I will add to the user menu the subscription status web page, so anyone would be able to check his/her subscription status.