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Bot Trigger Building Part 3

Now that we have a working bot, I'd like to monitor the odds of my selection if matched, so that if it looks like my trade is not going good, I'd like to limit my losses.

To this effect I would like to have a trigger that if my selection has a lay trade that was matched due to the previous triggers (In Parts 1 and 2) and the odds drop below 5, I would like to now place a back bet of double the stake at any available back odds.

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  • Stefan
    27.9.2019 17:55:07

    Peter, you do not need to program a trigger or anything for this feature, as your lay trade can be started by bot strategy: “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position”, and set your Profit/Loss target as required. So in your case you want to close your bet position, so by your words:

    “… so that if it looks like my trade is not going good, I'd like to limit my losses …”

    You can set Loss parameter, either by (ProfitLossType parameter) Ticks, Percentage, or exact Money value.  As the Profit parameter is required one, (Loss is not, when you set it to 0, your position is not closed for Loss) you must set it to unrealistic value.

    If you want to hedge your bet position, leave HedgingEnabled checked (set to True). When hedge the stake is calculated, I hope that you understand that, other software vendors call this procedure “green up”. Well, in this case I really do not understand your English, as no one is saying about “red up” ;-)

    27.9.2019 23:57:23

    That is a great explanation :)

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.