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Multiple Trigger Usage

Could someone please explain how I can do the following: I want to execute a bot when 2 conditions (triggers) are true Trigger 1: race distance is between 1000 and 1350 meters Trigger 2: any horse in the race has odds between 1.5 and 2. Thanks

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    25.9.2019 8:45:39

    I just wanted to clarify Trigger 2.  When I say any horse, I mean I'd like to use a specific horse based on current position (based on odds).  For example Trigger is when horse # 2 has odds between 1.5 and 2 (therefore obviously horse number 1 has better odds and horse number 3 has worse odds).

  • Stefan
    25.9.2019 9:27:32

    For your Trigger 2:

    Depending on whether you want to place a bet or trade on specific horse, you can use bot strategy: “Place Bet” or “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” (that is trading bot strategy).

    You set SortSelectionBy Last Price Traded, ExecuteOnSelection to 1, EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce set to True (checked), and in Entry Criteria tab you add criteria LastPriceTraded is between 1.5 and 2.0

    Your Trigger 1 can be done by filtering markets in Event Browser and executing your strategy only on selected markets using Bot Executor.

    If you want to fully automate Trigger 1 as well, then you must realize where information about race distance is. It is in market name and is coded in miles and furlongs for GB, US and IE, and meters for the rest of countries, so 6f, 7f, 1m, 1000m and so on.

    It means that you need to transform text of race distance to meters. You did so in custom build triggers like you can see in attached videos.

    When I first executed my strategy on 6f race, and MinimumRaceDistance was set to 1760 meters, the bot did not executed my action bot “Trade 3 ticks”, as race distance did not fulfill set criteria, when I change that to 1000 meters, and top tipster’s selection fulfilled another criteria so Confidence at least 40, the bot strategy chosen nomited horse Holloa and executed trading strategy on this horse.  

    I make simple triggers for free only to my subscribers.

    25.9.2019 9:56:17

    Hello.  Thanks for the quick  reply.  I have noticed the support is very good and fast.  I just wanted to clarify  the Trigger  2 again.  I don't want to bet on this horse, I want to bet on amother horse when this trigger is true.  I feel that this program can definitely do it, but is it something that needs to be programmed or is there a trigger  ir some method that already does this? 

  • Stefan
    25.9.2019 10:07:11

    You can execute whatever strategy you want, by other words, actually by your words you could understand:

    A trigger is set of conditions (formulas) which all must be fulfilled the trigger to be activated, fired.

    By my words, so words any software developer could understand:

    A trigger is function returning boolean value, if returned value is true, another action is executed:

    If trigger() then action()
    25.9.2019 10:33:23

    I do understand what a trigger is, I just don't underdtand how to implement it with this software so if you could explain it that would be much appreciated.  So with the example of Trigger 2 of which you have explained it as a bot, how would I now make this a trigger so as to run a different bot when this trigger is true?  Thanks

  • Stefan
    25.9.2019 17:12:48

    In my example I mentioned “Place Bet” or “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot strategies, so if you set trigger criteria for one of these bots, it is clear the bot is executed / triggered.

    There are other bots in bfexplorer arsenal that actually do not place bets, but execute other bots, so in your case you can use bot named: “Execute Bots” and set your criteria for this bot, when criteria are met, this bot executes other bot (bots) set by the parameter: BotNames.

    What does it mean?

    Your “Execute Bots” can evaluate different criteria for different selection, and execute another bot that can be executed on the other selection, depending on how you set parameter s and criteria for this action bot.

    Of course all these preprogrammed bot strategies can do what they were programmed for and what set of parameters these bots offer.

    When your strategy needs more, other betfair apps offer Excel scripting, so you must program VBA code to do what you need. In your example you would have to program in Excel VBA, conversion of market name in win horse racing markets, to race distance, and make your trigger work by evaluating race distance to allowed race distances.

    Bfexplorer offers trigger programming, so such short code is then executed by bot named: “Execute Trigger Bot”.

    On the forum you can find a lot of such examples: trigger