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Is it possible for a strategy that works for example for racing, to automatically keep running the following day , or would I need to reselect that days market each day and restart the bot again?

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  • Stefan
    6.8.2019 12:38:16

    Yes, it is possible. When you start your strategy in bot executor you have got option: Restart the automation at time, and you can define that time by parameter: Restart time 12:00, for instance.

    This option is available only when you execute your strategy on your favourite event (added to My Favourites Events). If you bet/trade on horse racing markets I believe you already added such favourite event to your list.

    So not when you select just couple markets, it means as well that your strategy must make/ by set rules/criteria on which markets it will run and on which not, or your strategy is selection based.

    Please have a look at on attached video, go to 1:27 minute, where I show what is described here. If you do not have such feature in your bfexplorer app, then just install the latest version of bfexplorer app.