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Hello Forumites, is there a way to save the Settings of your profile e.g. customised ladder? When i re-start the application I always have to customize my ladder (e.g. rules) etc all over again. How can I save things. Thanks a lot.

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  • Stefan
    3.8.2019 7:10:32

    I already tried to implement saving and loading of grid conditional formatting but failed to did so, back in 2015. Please read the following post:

    My reply in the comment: Saving a ladder status is not yet implemented. I am still working on it and it is not so easy because grid control does not support loading and saving custom formatting in the use case I have got in my ladder implementation.

    Be aware of the fact that bfexplorer by default creates some conditional formatting, so if you clear some of this rules you will lost settings for instance for to back/to lay data bar, as those two rules are set to share maximal offered volume to show realistic WOM.

    I can try to do so again.

    You can save different application layouts only, have a look at here:

    May I see your conditional formatting of grids?

    What I can suggest you is not to exit bfexplorer app, and hibernate your computer not shutting it down, then when you start your computer again bfexplorer app will be running, to force re-login, when bfexplorer had lost login session to betfair server, just click on Reload button (located bottom right in the application status bar).