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Tick offset manual betting

Hello Forumites.

Is there a Tick offset function for manual bets also? Could anyone tell me how to activate it? Cheers

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  • Stefan
    25.7.2019 18:32:16

    What is actually tick offset?

    You place a bet and when bet is fully matched the opposite bet is automatically placed to hedge your bet position in profit. Alternatively it can be set to place your hedge bet when market goes against your bet, so you close your bet position in loss.

    Any automation, so any bots can be found in view My Bots to Execute, of course if you did not add there any bot, there is empty list there.

    To add your bot, click on toolbar button in the “My Bots to Execute” view “Add a new bot.”

    As mentioned above the tick offset automation can be named the other way like: “Place bet and close selection bet position”, I use such naming convention for bots because it explains the bot activity as well.

    As you can see in my short video I have got quite a lot of different bot settings added in “My Bots to Execute” view. I hope you understand that one bot can be preconfigured/setup by its parameters, to behave differently. Therefore I would suggest using your own naming rules to keep your list of bot settings understandable.

    If you want to replicated/clone other bot settings, just select you bot, and click on the toolbar popup menu item of “Add bot” toolbar named Clone.

    Bots are usually used in fully automated strategies using Bot Executor tool, in this case you will manually start your bot by clicking on ladder, and therefore you need to activate “Use Ladder” option in the “My Bots to Execute” toolbar, in this context it means: Use a ladder click to execute your bot.

    What makes the trading bot “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” act like tick offset? In the bot parameters it is OfferMyBet set to True (checked), and the parameter PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange set to False (unchecked).

    If you forget to set those parameters and you would use it with Use Ladder activation mode, the bot will be started but depending on what odds you clicked on ladder the Minimum/MaximumOdds parameters will be adjusted, so bot will wait till allowed odds range is traded and only then starts placing opening bet.

    Keep in mind as well that in “Use Ladder” mode, the Stake and BetType parameter of your bot is adjusted from current settings in the main toolbar, therefore it is really good practice to use right naming convention of your bot settings. For instance for fully automated trading you would create settings of “Place bet and close selection bet position” bot, and name it:

    Back for 2 ticks profit

    Lay for 1 ticks profit or 3 ticks loss

    But for general use it is better to use naming like in this case “Tick Offset” (but of course with appropriate bot settings set), or Trade 2 ticks profit, so from the bot setting name it is clear that bot will be used in “Use Ladder” mode.

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