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Recurring Subscription Errors



Why did you charged me GBP 30,00 on the 4th of January when my subscription was already payed until the 22nd of January ? 


Why do I have to pay almost two months in advance and it still says my subscription will end on the 22nd of January instead of the 22nd of February ???


One allows your Paypal recurring payments trusting you will charge the subscriptions on the right dates and you debit the money 18 days before without even updating the subscription expiry dates.


This is tottaly wrong and it's an outrageous abuse of all your subscribers trust on your Paypal recurring payments.


Please do correct this situation at once.



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  • Betfair Bot
    8.1.2019 10:10:54

    Bfexplorer uses PayPal subscription system, and once activated by you it is PayPal making recurring payment in set interval and not Bfexplorer. Recurring payment is active till again you cancel it, so your bfexplorer subscription as well.

    Day of betfair api activation in some cases is not the same day when PayPal recurring payment was made, as betfair api activation really takes place only when your betfair subscription code expires, and of course you are still active subscriber, this is set to 30 days.

    For instance, as bfexplorer offers trial period, the first betfair api activation is done automatically when you install bfexplorer app, and login to betfair. Now still in trial period you buy your monthly subscription, activating PayPal recurring payment, as your betfair api access is still valid, it is not generated new subscription code, but it is done later when your befair subscription code expires.

    So in this case your subscription code can be activated later, and the day when your betfair subscription code expires is not the same as the day PayPal recurring payment was done.

    As said before those days could really differ in 30 days. For instance, PayPal recurring payment is done each 30 days, but as your betfair subscription code is really activated by your betfair login, those are requirements from betfair, then when you take some holiday from betfair trading for instance for X days and you did so coincidently at day when PayPal recurring payment was made, then difference between PayPal payment and your betfair api subscription expiration day will differ for these X days, after your will login to betfair with bfexplorer app again, so your new betfair subscription code will be generated again.

    Even users using bfexplorer by running automated trading systems, in fully autonomous mode (24/7) on betfair, must re-login with bfexplorer when betfair subscription code expires. Of course they can do so just by opening second bfexplorer app instance, as bfexplorer subscribers could execute as many of bfexplorer app per betfair user name as needed. For such users, common sense says that better alternative is one year subscription.