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Re-new Subscription not working?

Hi Stefan,


I've been using the product for a month and I really enjoy it. When I initially signed up, I cancelled my automated re-newal so that I don't forget about it if the product isn't for me. That's obviously not the case anymore, and I renewed it an hour or two ago. However, with my old subscription having come off, it does not appear that the renewal has been actioned? I am now unable to execute using Order / Bot executor, and the my subscription page shows it ended on 24/08 @ 00:00

Are you able to update my subscription so that it works please?


P.s. I've read various chains and none of the previous chains seem to be related to mine.


Thank you

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Comments ( 2 )

  • zorrakovich
    24.8.2018 7:05:12

    Subscription renewed overnight, no need to worry.

    One question I have is that going forward, will there be a blackout period between each month or no? 


  • Betfair Bot
    24.8.2018 10:29:14

    Keep in mind that to your valid betfair api activation there are three services, so three different types of problems could occur. You can check your subscription status by login on bfexplorer web site and clicking on menu item User / My Subscription Details.

    My authorization service registers your details only, activation of betfair api access to your betfair account is done on betfairs servers, and in some cases this procedure could take more time, that is the way how betfair does this procedure.

    When first attempt to activate your betfair api access fails, white for a while and repeat login procedure again. In this process there could be two problems: your new subscription code is not generated from betfair servers, or your generated subscription code is not activated on betfair servers.

    Yes, from the nature of betfair api activation there could be a short time when your betfair api activation is not activated, mainly when you use bfexplorer in fully automatic mode, as the activation process requires re-login procedure, so closing bfexplorer and login again. If you use bfexplorer this way them better solution for you is to buy 1 year subscription, but again when subscription expires you need to re-login, that is actually betfair requirements to activate betfair api.

    For common users there are no such problems as he/she runs bfexplorer on daily bases, so reactivation of api access is no problem, as times of login differs.