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Multimarket dutching calculator

Hi Stefan:

Congratulations for the new look of Bfe.

I would like you included multimarket dutching calculator. It would be possible?


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Comments ( 4 )

  • Stefan
    19.3.2015 18:46:27

    Can you give me formulas for such dutching calculations?

  • Edumadrid
    22.3.2015 0:14:40

    As you know, English is not my first language.

    I wanted to refer to:

    "Dutch Markets Selections". Allows selections to dutch diferent market in Associated markets.



  • Edumadrid
    23.3.2015 16:43:10

    Hi Stefan:

    I've seen you added: Multiple Market Dutching tool.

    I think you understood from the outset what tool I was referring.

    Thanks friend.

  • Stefan
    25.3.2015 14:24:01

    Hi Eduardo, yes I added that tool. It is programmed to place only back dutching bets, and you can use it on one market as well.

    Actually it offers maybe a better user experience than Back Dutching tool because it is simpler just to drag and drop couple selections you would want to dutch. In Back Dutching tool, you would have to unselect all selections first.

    I asked you for some formulas because it is not so easy to calculate liability of dutching bets on more markets, for now I left this feature showing only values on dutching market selections.