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Laying the Away team based on draw price


Would like some advice on the following please.

I want to create a pre match soccer automation. The two rules are...

1) Check the draw price is below 3.5

2) Then lay away team for £5 before kick off.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Stefan
    7.2.2018 11:54:38

    You want to place a bet so to automate this procedure you will use “Place Bet” bot settings, setting BetType to Lay, Stake to 5, and alternatively OfferMyBet (checked or unchecked).

    You want to lay away team so ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 2.

    Name such bot settings: “Lay away team”, or whatever better describers your strategy, keep in mind that you can create hundreds of different bot settings, so proper naming convention will help you to use such bots.

    As your strategy requires checking price on another selection (your place bet bot will place your bet), you need to use bot called: “Execute Bots”.

    You add to parameter BotNames: “Lay away team”, you can do so by clicking on … button, and then selecting your bot and adding it.

    The parameter ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 3 (draw selection is 3rd on football Match Odds market). The parameter EvaluateEntryCritriaOnlyOnce must be checked, and finally in “Entry Criteria” you add: LastPriceTraded Is less than 3.5

    You can name your bot settings: “Lay away team if draw < 3.5”

    To automate your bot execution, open football match odds markets in Event Browser view. Now you either select matches or will execute your strategy on all matches in the “Event Browser”, just click on “Execute in Order / Bot Executor” button, in dialog select your bot, so: “Lay away team if draw < 3.5”, set Start execution time, and check or uncheck “Open only selected” . Clicking on Open button, your football matches will be loaded to “Order / Bot Executor” and your bot will be automatically executed at set time.