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Cost for further robots

hello stefan

i am interested in purchasing the timeform data , update of horserace database , racing post data, recording of market data robots

would appreciate giving me a ball park figure for these.

on the face of it, these are all in the youtube videos you have posted.

understand you are busy.

thanks in advance


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  • Betfair Bot
    11.8.2017 17:14:37

    Most of the videos you can see on this web site had been made to show bespoke bots or app features. It is simpler for me to make a short video and sent features description by email when finalizing bot project for my customer. 

    I do not sell bespoke bots or apps made for other people who paid for development. 

    I can build your bespoke bot or app, all what I need is your bot or app specification and then I can estimate price and time to deliver.  

    I do not need long specification, just plain text explaining base features, in bot development you describe parameters to avoid giving knowhow or crucial parameters. 

    The price really depends on time I will spend on development, for simple bots it starts from 80 – 100 GBP what is around 5 – 6 working hours for me. 

    You have got my email, just look at on the web page header.