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API "advanced" settings



is there a possibility to access the API "advanced" settings on bfexplorer and modify them? Maybe through a command on the bfexplorer console? The only thing I can see and change is the refresh rate in the settings area. What I mean with advanced API settings is 

a) the max weighted/data calls (per second); I guess they are set to 20, I would like to modify/reduce it for my strategy. Is that possible?

b) the Maximunm Parallel Calls (MPC) that are sent to betfair until a response is received


Anyhow to access them and change them?



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  • Stefan
    14.3.2017 16:41:57

    I think you are confused from using other betfair api software/s.  

    Bfexplorer separates market data updating to two services running in thread pool. This way you are able to set two different update intervals, the one for active market and the other for passive market/s.  

    It means that if you set update interval for the active market to 20 ms, and your internet connection latency to betfair servers is 50 ms, then the market data are updated every 70 ms, what is around 14 times per second. 

    Passive markets, and you maybe know that you can open really a lot of markets for monitoring with bfexplorer, are updated in batches (for 25 markets in one betfair api request), therefor bfexplorer backend services do not use a lot of threads, so there is no need for what you call: "Maximum Parallel Calls". 

    Of course any bet operation is executed in thread pool, but in manual trading how many times per second are you able to click on ladder? So again, no performance degradation for bet operations. 

    If you run automated bot strategies, so bets are placed by bfexplorer bots, and if you open for instance 100 markets on which you want to place bets, then of course if you want to place bets on 100 markets at the same time, then bfexplorer can open two many threads in thread pool, but the question is who would like to do so?  

    In most automated strategies Bot Executor executes bots at set time relative to the official market start time, so for instance if you would run your bots on all football match odds markets 5 minutes before kick off then depending on how many matches is played in a day, too much bet threads is not opened, maximal 10 threads. 

    Bot manages its bet position, so if bet place request has been sent, bot knows about api request result, and if necessary bet is placed again.  

    Betfair streaming api uses totally different approach in market data updating, there is no request/response, bfexplorer subscribers for updates and updates are stream through established connection/socket. 

    You can see differences in this video: Monitoring 64 Markets - Market/order Streaming

    In the latest release of bfexplorer I have enabled market streaming option, you must restart bfexplorer when changing this option.