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LPTV, Total Matched and WoM?



I'm a new user and in my trial phase.

When I use the ladder view I get no values for the columns LPTV, Total Matched and WoM on horse racing. Am I doing something wrong?




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  • Stefan
    8.3.2017 11:27:11

    You cannot see such data on any betfair market, because betfair switched your betfair api access to delayed data. 

    Betfair does so to users who have no money on their betfair accounts, or had not placed any bet on betfair exchange in last 3 months.  

    It is clear that placed bet/s must be matched and settled, then in your next login to your betfair account through betfair api app you can see real data on betfair markets.

  • carlkoenig
    8.3.2017 17:21:56

    Thanks for clearing this, Stefan!