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Can`t login anymore


when I open bfexplorer and enter username and password, the app doesn`t login anymore (with and without VPN connected). There is no error message or anything, just the the (login) arrow going from left to right endlessly with no reaction. What could be the cause? I tried different usernames from other accounts --> no reaction. Also tried deinstalling and re-installing with no success. With other apps I can still login without problem. 



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  • Stefan
    1.3.2017 10:47:19

    You can check your subscription status through web page: USER / My Subscription Details. 

    Your subscription expires 3/19/2017 so you should have no problems with login. You did not mention from which country you login, and if you use normal login dialog or web page login (In application settings: Use web page login) 

    My records says that your last successful login had been done at 3/1/2017 2:05:54 AM.

  • gloria
    8.3.2017 7:21:02

     Thank you Stefan,


    I had to uninstall and re-install the net framework, as it seems it was corrupted or so.