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Virtual bets, exchange streaming API

Hi everybody,

I am using the basic subscription plan of the app. Just wanted to know 

a) why I can not tick the exchange streaming box? Is this option not available for the basic subscription, only professional?

b) same applies to virtual bets. Can I only activate them in the professional version?

c) and the full market depth on the ladder interface, same question.



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  • Stefan
    20.2.2017 15:38:54

    a) Streaming API is available only for Bot Executor tool to evaluate bet results after a market is closed.

    b) Virtual bets are by default switched on, and you can switch it off by using Bfexplorer

    c) Using Bfexplorer Console you can switch the full market depth as well, please read the article and watch videos:

    Set Show Full Market Depth