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Free Trial Review - by a beginner

I used some tools previously and my use with Bfexplorer was with "Practice Mode". As I am a beginner and still without enough money, my intention is to learn about the various markets and possible strategies: 


- For some reason I've had some difficulty finding matches sorted by game time. Sometimes he found it easy, but sometimes he did not. My interest is "soccer.

- It really is not for the beginner, but you get used to it easily.

- After selecting the game and the market it was difficult to identify the odds and can make the bet. The "Market Selection" tab (which shows the odds) in my case was hidden so that it was possible to visualize more things, but complicates the bet faster. So he had to hide it and make it static all the time. I thought that was bad but I did not see another way.

- The worst for me: I selected a few games to keep track of the odds but for some reason it gave a software error. I would open it again but I would lose all the bets I was following. As the situation had already changed completely (odds) it lost track. The interesting thing here was to keep bets (even if in practice mode) in case this happens bets are retained, once you have to log in to the tool.

- Accompanying several games at the same time is very simple, it's all in one tab. I just thought I should also be able to put a column with the odd of the moment. It only has the value gained / lost.

- Very good response time with betfair.

- Incredible way of practicing. All working as a real bet. Very good!

- The confirmation button of the bet is not marked, which made me to bet several times with the value pre-fixed in the betting value bar. Good thing it was in the practice mode.


Sorry for the bad english. I'm Brazilian and I needed the help of a translator.

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