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Football Bot Trigger

Good evening,

I have question regarding "Bot Trigger", i've manage to place a bet on score event (for instance place a bet after a goal is scored), my question is, how can i select a specific team, i want to place the bet after the goal on the team that scored, is this possible with BFexplorer.

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R Marque


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  • Stefan
    2.12.2016 11:20:40

    Football Bot triggers your action bot you define in the parameter BotName. The action bot is responsible for placing a bet or starting a trading session on preset selection.  

    All bots which place a bet offers the parameter: ExecuteOnSelection, therefore if you want to declare the exact selection on which you want to place a bet you must set this parameter. Home team selection index is 1, the away team selection index is 2. 

    If your strategy for Football bot is to place a bet on home team when a goal is scored, so for instance scores: 1 - 0;2 – 0 and so on, then consequently your action bot ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 1. 

    Have a look at on some other articles describing how to execute some bot strategies on football matches: