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Help needed creating a bot with Betfair SP

I would like to know if it is possible to set up a bot with rules, as following:

Horse races at In Play

If any horse had a Betfair SP  of "x" odds or above (or below) then place a bet (back or lay) at "y" stake" if not matched kill the unmatched bet after "zz.zz".


Any help will be appreciated.


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Comments ( 5 )

  • danielrc33
    28.9.2016 17:30:17

    Hi Stefan, Thanks for your time.

    However I could not find anything related to if "Betfair Starting prices" are "x" then... the close one was LTP, but is not the same.

  • Stefan
    28.9.2016 20:06:33

    This bot code shows how to retrieve betfair SP prices. When market is turned at in play, so in code, the line 72, you can add what you want to.


  • danielrc33
    29.9.2016 20:42:13

     Thanks! Could you point me in some direction to set up the code in the software? I played with it (the software) some time ago, but definately I will need a refresh. I am not a code expert what so ever, but I unterstand a little and also I see great potencial in the code you have created. Is there anything in particular you think I will find useful to read or watch?

  • shokkem14
    23.10.2016 22:24:46

    I could do with knowing  bit more about the coding aswell