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I need a program that will make bets on betfair through API based on data fetched from

Data needed from flash score in 2 attachments (TotalsData and LineupsData).

Lineups data normally appears 30 minutes before match starts.

Bot should have a settings for conditions:

- % of total bank to stake

- home lineup

- away lineup

- home > or < totals

- away > or < totals

- place a bet after X minutes of match start

- place a bet inplay when price = X

- run on selected leagues or teams

- home team

- away team

- Market name


Also program needs to have an ability to run more than one bot defined by settings above and show statistical win rate in %. (percentage of bets won)

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  • shokkem14
    23.10.2016 22:26:53

    Did you find a program to do wjat you wanted as this could be incredibly useful to all.