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Tennis - Excel monitors all matches


How to do it - Excel spreadsheet (InPlay) should monitor all the matches from the list:

Thank you in advance for your help.


Edited by Stefan, 13.4.2016

Download “TennisDataToSpreadsheet” bot trigger, if you want to test it.

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Comments ( 10 )

  • Stefan
    11.4.2016 11:29:01

    This seems to be a very good idea, so I will develop a bot in following days. Save the spreadsheet without text player’s names and scores, so it can be used as template and post it to me by email.

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 9:51:43

    Stefan: Since yesterday, I try to send you an Excel spreadsheet, but the e-mail comes back as undelivered.

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 17:02:20

    I put a zipped Excel file:


  • skarabeusz
    13.4.2016 17:05:50

    Stefan:  Let me know when you're done working on this project.

  • Stefan
    13.4.2016 18:58:10

    Watch my video.

  • skarabeusz
    14.4.2016 16:48:21

     I'm testing an Excel spreadsheet and I have the following observations:

    1. Both matches ended up - is a mismatch in the tabulation of results on the sheet.


    2. At the same time, the Excel spreadsheet presented other data.

  • Stefan
    14.4.2016 17:08:54

    Here are some questions:

    Can you place a bet when a market is suspended or closed?

    Is your bot (bfexplorer bot) executed when a market is suspended or closed?

  • skarabeusz
    14.4.2016 17:25:20

     Why do you ask?

  • skarabeusz
    10.5.2016 23:37:20

    Hello Stefan,

    I noticed that your Excel spreadsheet does not support "Microsoft Visual Basic" scripts.
    Did you could unlock action scripts?

  • Stefan
    11.5.2016 10:44:12

    Bfexplorer Spreadsheet is not Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The main purpose for bfexplorer spreadsheet is possibility to visualize data if that is required. The scripting language behind is any .net language you can use with Bfexplorer BOT SDK, I use F# programming language and your script was programmed in F# as well:

    If you want to change behavior of your TennisDataToSpreadsheet bot trigger then you need to change the code in this trigger bot script. Of course your trigger can be programmed in Visual Basic if you prefer VB to other .net languages.

    Other betfair apps use Microsoft Excel as the main scripting environment (Cymatic, Betting Assistant, Betting Angel). Bfexplorer uses its own betfair bot sdk, so any programmer can add a functionally to bfexplorer either by programming bot trigger script, bfexplorer console script or custom bot assembly that allows integrating your bots to bfexplorer.