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What You Cannot Find In Any Other Betfair App But Bfexplorer

The latest version of bfexplorer brings two small additions in the code base but actually very nice two features you cannot find in other betfair applications.
Football Score tool now offers Score Difference column, so all together you can sort, group, filter or search football matches by 5 columns: Match, League, Score, Time and Score Difference.

Bfexplorer Console meant for software developers mainly offers two methods which could be used by common users as well: SetBestPricesDepth, SetBetView, SetShowFullMarketDepth.

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  • Edumadrid
    23.8.2015 17:40:19

    Hi Stefan:

    Congratulations and thank you for continuous improvement. I think all the tools that incorporate are very useful and help improve the trading experience.