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Let Social Network to Choose My Trading Selections

This is my second experiment on free tipster services or social networks to use a meant for choosing my trading selections. In my previous article I showed how to use napchecker to load selections into Bot Executor for Selections.

Now it is time to use olbg and browse all today’s races and selected only the ones favored by olbg users. Favored selections will be added to Watched Selections view and races not fulfilling these conditions will be closed.

On my video you can see how I opened all 42 races for today, then I used Bfexplorer Console to execute my script to filter out my races, so from 42 races I have got 25 races with all my selections added to Watched Selections view.

Later I will watch how these selections perform and if there is some possibility to use this social network for making a trading bot.

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