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Project Inspiration 2

Step 1:

Go to:
Grab the name of the linked courses at the top. This so we only
grab data for races that has tipsters.

Step 2:
Software go to RacingPost.Com. And now it take out the 1st
and 2nd favorite name and odds for all races if the odds is
between 2/1 and 7/2 everything else is ignored. (I.E Evs and
same odds are ignored/skipped)

Step 3:
Software take 1st fav odds minus 2nd fav odds. The score is
called the difference. Save to db.

Step 4:
Import Races Course-name And Start-time from Racingpost.Com
plus amount of runners for each race.

Step 5:
Head back over to
and grab amount of tipster for each 1st FAV in the database.
Also grab current odds from BETFAIR from the table.

Step 6:
Post data to the software IF 10 of 13 tipsters horses are still
running. At the bottom it says NR (Non Runner) and if they
have more than 3 tipsters all together add comment to to
the software's comment: "Tipsters Unbalanced"

The software should have:

Time - Course - Horse - Fav Price (From RP Forecast) - 2F (2nd Fav Price - Score (1st fav odds minus 2nd fav odds) - Tipped - Total (Oddsdiff plus amount of tipster) - BF Price (Current Betfair Odds) - Runners (How many runners for this race) - Comment


2/1 equals odds 2
7/2 equals odds 3.5

So RIGHT side divided with LEFT


If 1st fav has odds 2 and 2nd fav has 3.3 we have 1.3 diff and that
is the score. Post that to the software column "Score"


Score + Tipsters. So let say score is 1.3 and that 1st FAV has 5 tipsters.
We take 1.3 +5 = 6.3. So we post 6.3 to the Total column.

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Comments ( 2 )

  • Mir.
    16.8.2015 21:36:26

    I can not imagine it. Hard to read it, difficult to understand!

  • Stefan
    17.8.2015 11:53:57

    My friend who is a software developer as well, we worked together 15 years ago in one company, knows that I develop software for sport exchanges so he sends me from time to time, links to projects on freelancer web sites, I could participate too.

    I did tried to do so twice but without luck of getting some project, it seems I am not qualified to do any work for such projects, and so those projects are publicly available without registering on such freelancer web sites, you can browse betfair projects there and takes some ideas, if there is any value there.

    I put this project here as I did not know the before, and I already have done something for parsing data from, so I will maybe try to do so with this one later when having more time.


    Miro, the project specification is actually understandable. He is wrong in how to convert from fractional odds to fixed odds, and for score calculation I would use percentage values.