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Bot Trigger - Miro Bot Executor

Miro asked for a bot to trigger execution of many different bots depending on clicked odds and bet type on a ladder, so here there is MiroTriggerBot.
To use this bot trigger you need to add action bots to My Bots, and then create CSV file with triggered odds and bet type, action bot name, and addition bot parameters if you want to change them when the bot is executed.

Mandatory parameters are: Odds, BetType, Bot Name following by additional bot parameters in pair of parameter name and value. Use ; to separate parameters in CSV file:

5.0;Back;Place bet;Stake;55.55
2.0;Back;Trade 2 ticks

For now there are supported BetType, Boolean and Float values for additional bot parameters.

To use this bot trigger, click on Add a new bot and select Execute Trigger Bot. Enter TriggerParameters in this format: CsvFile:F:\Temp\MiroTestData.csv, then enter TriggerFilePathName, for instance I have got this trigger bot in the folder:


And the bot trigger file name is: MiroBotTrigger.fs, so TriggerFilePathName in my case is:


In Miro’s bot trigger specification he said that he will set different bot settings for every odds on ladder, and twice as he wants to set different triggers for back and lay bet clicks on ladder, so totally 350 * 2 = 700 rows in CSV file.

I think this bot trigger could have some potential for other users, so I change implementation of this bot to execute triggered bot if CSV file contains trigger settings for exact bet type and odds, and if no bot is found then default action bot is executed, if BotName parameter is set for Execute Trigger Bot.

Download “MiroBotTrigger” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

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Comments ( 19 )

  • Mir.
    5.8.2015 18:03:31

    Really, awesome! Thanks.

    Unique benefits of betfair software worldwide!

    New level of semi automatic trading.

  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 3:38:19

    For this type of Execute Trigger Bot you must set Use Ladder Parameter checkbox to True!

    If you not set all the options in the .CSV file (all rows) you can just bet on the Back side even if you click on the Lay side on the Ladder. Execute Trigger Bot run predefided action bot - for example any Place bet bot with default parameters.


    Be careful!

  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 3:48:07

    Can you show me how to set up additional bot parameters?
    Some examples.

  • Stefan
    7.8.2015 16:53:34

    It is quite clear that when you do not use Use Ladder parameter, then default action bot is not overridden by what you clicked on the ladder. On the other hand your bot trigger base feature is react on what was clicked on the ladder, so entry parameters are delegated to your bot script.

    Actually when you open the bot script file you can see how it is done and so you can use such type of ladder click processing in similar bot triggers.

    You bot trigger base logic consists from 9 lines of code.
    Actually I already showed how to use additional parameters:

    5.0;Back;Place bet;Stake;55.55
    2.0;Back;Trade 2 ticks

    The first line have one additional parameter Stake, the second line has no additional parameters. You add additional parameters in pairs, first the name, and then value:


  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 18:19:28







    Only few clicks on Ladder and the show is going on!

  • Edumadrid
    7.8.2015 18:53:10

    Mir congratulations for your "fortune".

    Something influence having a particular programmer at your service, as Stefan.

    Some are not so lucky.

    I have requested several small improvements for years, but do not appear.


  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 19:19:32

    Hi, it is not about big programming...
    I just click on the Ladder.
    All other do bots. Really! Especially early taking stop-losses.

    My one click and decision is on bot.


  • Edumadrid
    7.8.2015 19:32:17

    Hi Mir:

    I see that your strategy is lay in the support, and back in the resistance with a stop loss to save the "market noise"

  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 20:16:06

    Nicely explained by you ;)




    I use one-click execution Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position bot with a few different settings.

    These bots automatically select Execute Trigger Bot from predefined CSV file.
    So easy...


  • Mir.
    8.8.2015 10:03:14

    Additional parameters


    I asked If additional parameter is supported in syntax like this:



    I have problem with parameter Stake too... (?)