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Case Study 4 - Excel Data Capture

If anybody has a couple of minutes to spare I would appreciate some help with the following excel issue.

I have en excel sheet which I have linked thru guardian to three betfair markets - Match Odds, 2.5 & Correct Score.

I manually link all games one by one. I would like certain data from each game to be captured and kept without me having to manually copy and paste info.

The attached sheet is an example of what I wish to do. Data is automatically entered into row A (at present i then copy and past it into a lower row) is there a way that excel will automatically copy my data into a lower row and then do the same when the data in the top row changes?

I have noticed something similar in the record data spreadsheet, the data automatically moves down a row when new data arrives.

I think this may be a macro or VBA issue, which is beyond my excel knowledge.

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