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How To Test Betfair Bot?

If you do not understand some bot functionality then it is a good practice to test your bot setting in a similar scenario you want to use the bot on.

You should make all your tests in the practice mode only, so without risking real money on betfair markets.

Unfortunately, in some cases you need to test with real money. In such case always open a market with low liquidity and with gaps in offer for safe testing.

In my video I tested the bot: Be the first in queue. I set the bot category to: My Ladder Bot, so I was able to execute a bot from a ladder context menu entering bet type, stake and price range by clicking on a ladder column.

The stake was 5 Euro, I clicked on To Back column, the row with Odds 5.0, so it means that the bot Be the first in queue I executed from the ladder context menu was set to Stake 5 Euro, Bet Type: Back and MinimumOdds to 5.0. The rest of bot parameter values remained in the same state I entered when adding this bot setting into the My Bots.

As you can see from my video the bot correctly executed its functionality so placing the back bet to be always the first in queue in the allowed odds range set from 5 to 1000.

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