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Horse Racing Oddschecker Trigger Strategy

Here is another short tutorial for bespoke bot strategy I had been working on last days.

The strategy uses oddschecker data and when criteria are met a bet is placed on any qualified selection/horse.

The action bot used in my test is: “Place SP Bet” set to keep unmatched bet at in-play. Actually it does not matter what action bot is triggered, so it can be used “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot (trading bot) or any other bot like “Place Bet” bot.

“Place SP Bet” is used because the strategy requires only placing bet, not managing bet status like “Place Bet” bot offers.

This is important as well because this strategy bot will be used with “Bot Executor” tool, and as we know “Bot Executor” keeps monitoring any market on which is still active any bot.

As a bonus I had added the bot: “Show Oddschecker Price Range” to show odds range offered by bookmaker, so maximal and minimal odds.

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