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Horse Racing Watch My Jockeys or Trainers

From Bet Angel forum: Specific Jockey alerts

Is there a way I can create a rule for a specific jockey and trainer apply to all markets and it alerts me which races meet my criteria? I.e. I can apply to all markets in the morning the rule scans and alerts me to which markets meet the criteria so I can look deeper into that specific race?


Bfexplorer Solution:

In bfexplorer app we can use console script to load jockeys or trainers from file, then loading today’s race card and open only races with our jockeys or trainers. Bfexplorer offers the watched selections view, so we can load all selections there as well, so in user interface we can really see which horse are ridden or trained by our jockeys or trainers.

You can download the script and test it yourself:


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