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Lay My Selections from CSV or Excel file

From Cymatic forum:

I am looking for an automated service provider that I can do the following with:


Upload a list of potential races (which i would manually identify and import. Let’s say for example its just the 14:10 Doncaster that qualifies) and multiple potential named horse selections from each of these races (i.e there could be a 9 runners in this race but I am only specifically interested in, let’s say, three potential qualifiers. We’ll call them Red Rum, Frankel and Altior just for illustration purposes) and i’d want an automated lay bet placed on the third favourite (so long as it’s one of my potential qualifiers, in this example its either Red Rum, Frankel or Altior and no bet if any others) and its odds must be under 10.0.


Another system where are selected races (which I identify manually and can import); The selection would be the worst ranked horse (I’d manually rank them in the morning – could i import the list?) so long as it too has odds of 8.0> and so long as there are at least 2 x other horses in the race at odds of 8.0> at the off (which is the bit i\’d want the software to identify and automate the bet)


Then lastly, a similar one. I manually apply tissue ratings to horses in each race. If the BSP is less than the tissue price, then this is a potential ’value’ lay bet. There must be two or more value lay bets to choose from for it qualifies. The odds of each must be 7.0> I’d also have the list of horses ranked in order of best to worst (which i could import manually?) so what I’d want the software to do is place a lay bet of the worst ranked ’value’ horse (which isn’t necessarily the highest odds)

I don’t have any software or excel experience and i appreciate that these may be relatively complex rules, so i just want to make sure a) I’m getting the right software to facilitate automating the above systems and b) that i could potentially get help in setting the bots up?


Bfexplorer Solution

When your betting or trading strategy requires manually selected selections, it is possible to use the tool: “Strategy Bot Executor for Selections” where you manually add your selections by clicking on the selection context menu: “Add Market Selection to Strategy / Bot Execotor” and assigning your bot strategy to those selections.

In this case the selections are saved to CSV text file or Excel file which can be exported/saved to plain text CSV file. Our strategy is to lay horses, so the CSV file can be simplified just by naming horses, and horse names are unique through entire race day.

Here is a simply bot trigger script:


You can use and change according to your exact needs. The bot trigger takes all named selections for a race. As always, the bot trigger is not limited by action bot, you can place lay bets, or start back/lay trading session, like I showed in my short video.

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