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My Trading Bot Using Trailing Stop Loss

From Market Feeder forum: How do I join two or more triggers?

Hi, as MFP is only able to run only one trigger, I understand the way around this is by combining multiple triggers if you want more than one trigger.

How do you combine two triggers? I have attached two sample triggers for you to demonstrate. I deliberately used a football trigger and a horse racing trigger to see if two different markets could be combined. Will the horse racing trigger start scalping on the football markets as a result?

Could you give step by step instructions of how you did it please? I am a complete novice.

Thank you.


Bfexplorer Solution:

All bfexplorer bots can be used as building blocks to form more advanced bot strategy. The following bots can be used as joining ones:

Execute on Selections

Execute Bots

Execute on Associated Market

Execute Till Target Profit

If Then Else

Sequence Execution

Concurrent Execution

Repeat Until

Football Bot

Tennis Bot

Stop Bots and Cancel Bets

Cancel Bots on Selection

Execute at Time

In my short video I created back trading bot with trailing stop loss. To execute bots in sequence I used "Sequence Execution".

The presented bot can be simplified if entry criteria are set for "Sequence Execution".

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