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Betangel Share Value between Different Markets

From Bet Angel forum:

I can do this in excel but I don’t think I can do it with automation.

Store the market volume of each runner in win market. Back in Place market a specific rank of the stored values.

Be a lot less “faffing” (to aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks) around if I could use an automation file. Anyone know if it’s possible?


Bfexplorer Solution

If there is necessary to access any data of associated markets, a custom built bot trigger can open such market: TriggerResult.OpenAssociatedMarkets and evaluates any data on markets.

Let’s have a look at on my custom bot trigger for this strategy:


On the lines from 84 to 91, it is open “To Be Placed” market for associated “Win” market. On the line 99 it is evaluated “Win” market and “To Be Placed” market taking the first selection from Win market on which “To Be Placed” selection is most traded.

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