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Automation: Struggling with detecting correct score

From BetAngel forum:

Forgive a newbie, but I'm trying to create a bot which checks if a goal is scored between 70 and 80mins, but getting inconsistent results.

 What's the best way to approach this please?

 So far, I've tried to populate each score line with a stored value relating to it's row in Betfair, then check what this value is at 70mins and 80 mins - if the value is the same, then the score line hasn't changed. However, it seems a bit hit and miss. I'm guessing the issue might be because I'm assume the favourite is the current score line at that moment in time (so late in the game) but it might not be.

 How's best to detect a goal in the correct score market, or is there a way to check what the score is (I know other products use 3rd party feeds for this)?

Bfexplorer Solution:

The only solution is really just to monitor football match score or time. Bfexplorer offers “Football Bot” where you can set your Start/Stop Criteria using: MatchTime, Score, Goals, ScoreDifference, Status, and of course using BotName parameter, to set your bot strategy you want to execute when set criteria are met.

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