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Automation: Stopping Automation if condition not satisfied

From BetAngel forum:

Some automation files are made up of many rules. And some have market volume criteria that may be imposed at a set time. Is there a way to have a rule that says … "if at this point these criteria are not met then don't bother going any further wasting resources checking something that will be irrelevant."

I have in mind football matches. If a certain volume has not been achieved by kick-off then the whole rule set stops for that market/event rather than continually checking a condition that has failed and will never be satisfied. I see there is a way to stop Servants but cannot see one for Guardian Automation Rules.

Bfexplorer Solution:

To run automated betting or trading strategy we use bfexplorer tool called: “Strategy / Bot Executor”. This tool always to execute your betfair strategy in fully automated mode, because markets are automatically reloaded each day at set time, and your strategy is executed at set time relative to market open time.

To not waste resources “Strategy / Bot Executor” monitors markets from set time till any executed strategy bot is active on market. When no active bot is running on the market “Strategy / Bot Executor” stops market monitoring.

There are two approaches to stop market monitoring. Any bfexplorer bot offers “Entry Criteria”, the set of 20 different market parameters we can use, for instance: BackBook, TotalMatched, and so on.

So if we want to execute our strategy only when these criteria are met, we can set them and on the Strategy Bot parameters we can set EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce and StopMarketMonitoring.

When “Strategy / Bot Executor” executes our strategy for the first time and above parameters are set, and when evaluation of “Entry Criteria” does not fulfill set parameters, for instance TotalMatched > 10000, then “Strategy / Bot Executor” stops execution of the bot, and so market monitoring is stopped as well.

The other option for stopping execution of our strategy is using the bot: “Stop Bots and Cancel Bets”. In the above scenario we want to execute our strategy on football markets, so as an action bot trigger executor we can use “Football Bot” and execute “Stop Bots and Cancel Bets” at set market time or score, or on any criteria set by: MatchTime, Score, Goals, ScoreDifference, Status.

Let’s say we want to stop execution of any football strategy at 5 minute of the match time and when total matched volume is lower 10000.

All we need to do is set “Stop Bots and Cancel Bets” entry criteria to: TotalMatched Is less than 10000, and use “Football Bot” with StartCriteria Is greater than or equal to 5. And BotName: “Stop Bots and Cancel Bets”.

“Strategy / Bot Executor” allows to execute more bots on one market, so of course of of bots will execute your strategy, and one bot will check stop execution criteria.

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