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Multiple Markets Hedging

From Betangel forum:

Can anyone know is it possible to bind several markets, so when there is profit that I want (for example 10£) to automatically hedge them all?


If you mean a combined profit across all markets (not in an individual market) then yes it could be done but only by using Excel.


Bfexplorer Solution:

Whenever you manually place your bet clicking on ladder or market grid the market selection is automatically added to Watched Selections, where you can watch not only the selection price movement in chart but current hedge profit you can close your bet on.

The entire profit per market is shown in “My Bet Position” where we can close bet position on selected markets or on all markets.

If you want to close your bet position on more markets and you want to know as well the total profit on these selected markets, then you need to filter some way your markets.

One of such filters could bet text in “My Description” column, so this way you can select all your trades and group them. Simple bot to set market description could help to set this column:


Then I was able to filter by text: “All my trades”, so see total profit on all markets with “My Description” text: “All my trades”, select these markets and click on Close toolbar button.


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