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Guardian Automation, referencing external data

From Bet Angel forum:

I've built quite a few automation files now and am currently focusing on tennis. I'm at the stage where I could really use external in-game stats to drive bet conditions in the automation and am thinking about pulling live data using JSON, API, screen scraping etc

 However, as far as I am aware, there is no way I can reference that data from within Guardian automation i.e as a Stored Value linked to a cell in Excel. Is that correct? If I were able to get the stat data into Excel, either pre match or live could I utilize it? Or is my only option to switch to a purely Excel driven setup, ignoring Guardian automation altogether?


Bfexplorer Solution:

Here sample bot trigger loading player’s data from ATP web site:


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  • Stefan
    7.11.2019 10:16:36

    ATP player' statistics