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Overs/Unders Market (signals)

From Bet Angel forum:

I would like to create (or download and modify) an overs/unders automation rule using signals/stored values.

I have watched a few videos and read a few posts on here regarding the signals but cant seem to get my head round whats going on. I have watched Peter's video explaining the signals but this is for a tennis trade so I am just being stupid and cant see how I can modify it to match the suggested market.

I basically want to back the under's market on selected matches but add in a sort of fail safe that will then switch and back the overs market if a goal(s) is scored. this way I can try and either get out for a scratch trade or make a slight profit depending on circumstances.

additionally I was also looking at some videos on youtube and it looks like you can also set up an automation that would alert you to potential games to trade depending on set criteria using signals. again I just cant seem to get my head around how to do this.

Any one know of a total spanners guide to signals (apart from Peters video) or any one have an automation I can hijack and modify/play about with to get it to do what I want.

Bfexplorer Solution:

First you need to setup your action, the bot that will place your back bet on over selection, so selection with index 2, defined by the parameter ExecuteOnSelection.

The second step is to set Football Bot to execute “Back 10 Euro - 2nd Selection” when goal is scored, so StartCriteria parameter must be set to: [Goals] > 0

I prepared short video tutorial showing how to setup this football strategy, and how to test setup bot criteria.

To execute your Overs/Unders strategy automatically on selected matches, use the Bot Executor tool.

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