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Green at reverse market price

From Bet Angel forum: Green at reverse market price

Would I be correct in saying that when using reverse market price to green/close it isn't possible to go a tick above/below the current price? I've been racking my brain for a workaround but have come up empty.

Obviously this would only be applicable when the market isn't competetive and there's a gap between back and lay price. As a for instance, in the (first) example used @Dallas where the back price is 5.5 and lay is 6.0, it would make more sense to me to reverse green/close at 5.6, rather than 5.5 as is the default and (best as I can tell) only option at present. Or at least to have the option to do so.


Both greening and reverse greening are only available to do at the best prices

You could do a workaround by placing a bet using your net stake to close your position, as a regular bet this can be set at any price, you could then green up after that ie, when the net stake is £0


If I were to do that, would "close trade profit condition"/"green all profit condition" work in conjuction with that? Or do they be in conjuction with "close trade on selection with greening"/"green all selections" rule to work?

Edit: Or alternatively, if the above is a no go, could there be a similar workaround using a stored value? I'll do the leg work of setting it up, but I haven't gotten my teeth into stored values as yet, so I'm wondering whether a stored value of lowest price traded/matched by me is available. Best as I can tell, only on the market/the selection as a whole is available, right?

Basically my backtesting is showing that it would be a negative EV move with the specific strategy to take losses, and more profitable to take the variance and wait for the price to swing back around when greening. So I'm looking for any which way to do so, while using reverse market price.


Bfexplorer Solution:

Trading bot strategies/rules we have got are:

Place Bet and Close Selection Position

Close Selection Position

Both bots offer the parameter: OfferMyBet, and when this parameter is set to true (checked), the bot instead of taking what is offered, offers its hedge bet (green up bet).

In my short video to present this feature I manually placed back bet, and happily it was matched and 4.1 (I tested in Practice Mode, so no real bet was placed.)

Then I set the parameter OfferMyBet to True, and BetMatchingTimeout to 2 seconds, so we could see bet updates when best offered back price changed, so bot was force to update the hedge bet on a new price.

To force the “Close Selection Position” place the bet on current price/odds, so not on price that is normally calculated by Profit/Loss target settings, I set the parameter ClosePositionAtTime to -01:00:00 (-1 hour), so bot was fooled to act immediately and started to place its hedge bet.

Other alternatives for  such “green at reverse market price” bot could be made by “Be the First in Queue” bot/rule/trigger, whatever you are used to name it.

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