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Which side of the market is money matched

From Cymaric forum Which side of the market is money matched

I was wondering if it's possible to to work out which side of the market the matched money is on? It would be good to see on which side of the market the flow of money is!


It might not be perfect, but the closest way to do it is to compare the column containing the last traded price, with the columns containing the front prices on the market to see if it was at the back or lay price.

This is not going to always be perfect, because sometimes the market prices will have moved away at the same time, so the front prices showing will not contain the last traded price.


Thanks for the quick response, I've tried this before and it is surprisingly unaccurate (matching the difference in the matched money for each horse to either the back or lay odds for the last odds). Is there no way to tap into the matched moeny data at the side of the ladders?


Sorry it is not possible. Even in the ladder, each refresh from Betfair can have money becoming matched at several prices at once.

So even though it is inaccurate, I think your best chance is to do the following:

1. Write some code in Excel's Visual Basic Editor that records the last traded price and the total traded amount. You can store these values in unused cells somewhere.
2. When the next refresh of prices arrives (detected for example by the Worksheet_Change event firing), compare the new last traded price with the previous one that you recorded. If they are the same:
3. Then compare the total matched amount with the previously recorded total matched amount. If they are different, then you know that new matches have occurred. Assume that all the matches were at the the last traded price (which is not necessarily true because matches might have occurred at a range of prices at the same time, but for the purposes of devising a trading strategy if might be a good enough average assumption).
4. Compare the last traded price with the front prices for back and lay and deduce at which price the match is most likely to have occurred.

If this is something that you think might be useful, but you'd like help coding it in Excel, then I can get you a quote. Would you like a quote for it to be coded for you?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Here is my bot trigger script showing how to retrieve such information:


The bot trigger code just shows the selection price trade range and trend, and what was requested the price traded back/lay volume percentage.

Instead of showing data you can simply change the bot trigger code to trigger action bot when required set of evaluated values is met.

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