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Horse Racing - Analyzing My Selections Data

Having to analyze horse racing data can be time consuming. We do it daily maybe, open race card and go manually through all races finding the relevant data for our trading/betting strategy, and manually opening betfair market selections in our betfair software of choice, and record them some way so later when time comes we place our bets.

What can be done using bfexplorer automation tools is presented in my short tutorial. In this case I use Bfexplorer Console tool to execute my automation that loads my selections from web pages, then opens markets with my selections and adds these selections to Watched Selections view.

So in Watched Selections view are all my selections, now clicking on any selection I can load traded prices on the selection, to better analyzes different kinds of strategies. In this case I am testing DOB trading strategy, and/or simple trading strategy with entry point of couple hours before race starts.

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