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Market Data to Spreadsheet

From Cymatic forum: football odds, is this possible?

Ideally I’m looking to see if it’s possible to create a way of capturing odds moments on football teams which can show volume of money in maybe 30 minutes reports, this is all pre match information I’m trying to gather.

Bfexplorer Solutions:

Bfexplorer has its own spreadsheet program that can be used to report market data. Unlike the other befair apps bfexplorer directly does not feed data to spreadsheet, but bot or bot trigger script must be created to process market data, and then only calculated data are reported to spreadsheet.

The advantage of such solution is that your bot can process any data, not just odds and traded volume, and that such data are processed with bigger refresh rate that can be achieved in Excel spreadsheet. Keep that in mind when executing such bots working with spreadsheet and set your update interval to more than 250 mili seconds.

Here is my bot trigger script I used in my short video tutorial:


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