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Show Forecast Odds Indicators

From my email inbox:

I'm interested in purchasing BFexplorer as a trading platform to replace Geekstoy. I'm a manual ladder trader that uses Forecast odds as a pivot point for estimating price movement. If you look at my screenshot you can see I'm manually plotting pink lines onto the BF Graph as Geekstoy has no way of displaying forecasted odds.

Does BFexplorer have the ability to highlight forecasted odds on the graph or ladder? (BetAngel does but it's hidden from public knowledge.)

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer allows extending its features by adding new bot, bot trigger script or console script. If you are familiar with bot programming then you can use any of mentioned three methods to show forecast odds.

I already made simple bot script utilizing in another context the horse forecast odds:

Saddlecloth Number Automation

In my short video you can see some of my private bots to show some indicators on ladders, there is also the bot named: “Show Forecast Odds Indicators”

If you are interested in subscribing to bfexplorer I can move this bot to publicly available ones. Or if you have got some other ideas for your personal bots only let me know your specification. I build bespoke apps or bots only for subscribers, free of charge when required time for bot development is up to 2 hours.

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