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Greyhounds - Lowest Traded Volume

From Bet Angel forum: Automation - Lowest Traded Volume

How would you go about selecting a selection which has the lowest traded volume from 3 minutes to event start time?


- Selection A = £4500

- Selection B = £4700

- Selection C = £ 700

- Selection D = £1200

- Selection E = £ 800

So, I would need to select Selection C. Place a trade, green up or close it in loss, then start again with the lowest traded volume, which could be C or it could be another selection etc.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer allows developing custom built bots/bespoke bots. So if you are able to program in any .net programming language, then you can use Bfexplorer BOT SDK, and build your unique bot strategy.

In this case I use the selection price history data, and take the last 3 minutes of traded data to calculate total traded volume pre selection and from set time, then sorting selections by this volume and taking the selection with lowest traded volume in the last 3 minutes.

In my test I execute the bot 124 seconds before official race start and later 69 seconds before race start.

In both case the lowest traded selection/greyhound was Islas Deasy, 496.95 and 1369.36. Lay trading bot was executed, taking 2 ticks profit. Happily in both trades were closed in profit before the race start.

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