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Football - Bot to Place Bets When Selection Is 2 Goals up

From Bet Angel forum: bot to place bets when selection is 2 goals up

I tried to use search function but couldn’t find what I need.  (I am completely new to this so sorry in advance if this is simple). I want my bot to "green up" a pre match bet when the score goes 2-0 in a football match, how would I go about this?

I am looking under the "conditions" tab but there is nothing there that seems to fit. Can someone point me in the right direction?


There isn't a live score feed for football markets so there are no conditions to test for it (unlike tennis)

Therefore you would need to use signals to identify a goal from the movement in odds. Then you would add a 'Signal set' or 'Signal value condition' to your green up rule to test for them being set and/or showing a specific value. Might sound complicated but it’s actually fairly straight forward once you get started and the link explains in more details what you need to do.


Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfeexplorer offers football lives score and Football Bot as well, so you can simply create your own strategies for football trading.

In my short video I used the tool called: Football Score, to quickly navigate to markets I wanted to test this bot strategy on. The “Football Score” by default does not show Score Difference but we can simply add the score difference column to the grid view, and so we are able to sort or filter the matches. Double clicking on selected match in the Football Score window will open the mastch/the match odds market into the bfexplorer app, and so I opened three such matches to test our bot strategy.

One of matches was just 1 – 0, but other two matches with 2 – 0 score.

To setup our goal difference trigger strategy we need the bot named: “Fotball Bot”.

For StartCriteria parameter, I clicked on “…” button and Criteria Editor dialog appears, here I added ScoreDifference parameter and set evaluation to: Is greater than or equal to 2

Now we are ready to test our bot settings, first I execute the bot on the match with the score 1 – 0, and clicked on Execute toolbar button, the bot has been started and as the trigger criteria were not yet met, bot just displayed the correct match score and time.

Switch to another match and reapeating the bot execution, in this case as score was 2 – 0, and so the set StartCriteria ([ScoreDifference] >= 2) were valid, the bot tried to execute an action bot, but as I forgot to set the BotName parameter, the bot just reported the error that the action bot cannot be created and so executed.

I selected our bot settings, and clicking on Update the bot toolbar button, I open my football bot settings and setup the action bot name, in BotName parameter to: “Close Market Bet Position” bot I created before.

Now executing the football bot, reports the match score and time, and as the StartCriteria are met, the football bot executed our action bot.

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