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Place Bet Bot - Closing the Back/Lay Gap?

From Bet Angel forum: Closing the Back/Lay Gap?

I've a silly little problem I can't seem to find the solution to :( You know how there can sometimes be a gap between the back and lay prices ... how can that be set as a Condition within an Automation rule when looking for a qualifier that meets all other conditions? I am going to be out today and want to set up a simple Rule to stop placing any bet if the gap is wider than 2 ticks e.g. if the Back price is say 2.00 then only place a bet if the Lay price is 2.02 or 2.04. If the gap is more than 2 ticks then wait X seconds and looks again. It is an All Selections criteria.

 I have tried using the Relative Odds condition by saying "The selection's [Back price] is [greater than] the [Lay price] of [ANY selection] [minus] [3] [ticks]" but am finding "ANY selection" literally means any selection and not "The selection" so if we have a runner Lay priced at say 2 then any (other) runner will qualify if it's back price is more than 1.97! The comparison behaves Market specific and not Runner specific).

I was wondering how I might achieve a Runner specific condition without needing a rule for every runner.


Bfexplorer Solution:

Any bfexplorer bot placing bets have the following parameters:  MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference. By default these parameters are set to 0 (zero), so they are not applied when bot evaluates its entry point.

If you want to allow your bot place a bet only when allowed odds difference is met, then set both parameters. So to set the bot according to required condition: “…Rule to stop placing any bet if the gap is wider than 2 ticks …”, then all you need to do is set the parameter MaximumOddsDifference to 2.

In my short video I tested the bot setting on greyhounds racing market, the first bot placed the bet immediately as the gap between best offered back/lay prices was just 1 tick. On the second selection the bot waited till the gap was lower or equal to two and then placed the back bet as well.

In this case I tested on greyhounds because on these markets there is gap between offered prices, so I was able to test my bot setting just in couple minutes. The bot settings is general, once you set it up, you can use it on any market, so in this case the user would execute the bot on horse racing market selections.

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