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Horse Racing - Back 3 nominated selections

From Bet Angel forum: Back 3 nominated selections

I need to write an automation rule to fire in three nominated bets on horse racing. Guardian only has two nominated selections.


You'll need to open a second instance of Bet Angel and nominate the 3rd in there.


Bfexplorer Solution:

If we want to execute betting or trading strategy on nominated market selections then we need to use “Bot Executor for Selections” tool.

First we need to selection market selections, so opening Horse Racing events and then markets on which we want to run our strategy. After opening the market to Bet Event view, we can select the horse and clicking on the horse with right mouse button, the context menu appears and here, we click on the menu item: “Add Market Selection to Bot Executor”, this way we can and as many market selections as we want.

All nominated selections will be added to “Bot Executor for Selections”, so now we can close all open markets as “Bot Executor for Selections” will start monitoring then at preset time.

Let’s say we want to back nominated selections when their traded price is between 3.0 and 4.0. We set these criteria for our Place Bet bot settings, on the Entry Criteria page. In the bot settings parameters we need to set the parameter: EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce (set to True/checked).

Finally we can apply this bot setting to nominated selections by clicking on Apply Bot button. I have applied the same bot settings to all market selections, but we can apply different bot settings to any selection. The Start execution is set to -00:01:00, what is 1 minute before race official start time. So now we are ready to execute our strategy on nominated market selections, just by clicking on Start button.

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