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Horse Racing - Back at SP - Lay with greening

From Bet Angel forum: Back at SP - Lay with greening

I'm trying to build an automation file that will back a guardian nominated runner at BSP, then at in-play lay the runner with greening at a 10% profit.

But I can't set BSP as a stored value.

If I use the offset bet feature, then it places the lay at the same time as the Back - not when the back is matched at BSP, so the lay gets taken straight away I can't use fixed price because I don't know what BSP is going to be.

I don't want to use a profit condition, because i want my exit to be in the queue straight away, not placed as the price runs by it.

Is there a way to do it. I'm stumped.


Offsetting won't work when taking BSP, so you'll either have to have the order matched as close to the off as possible or wait till its turned in-play then place the bet at the actual SP which does, of course, mean you may not always be matched and sometimes it might after the price has been down past where your lay would have been.

The only other option is to use a regular back bet to take SP then once in-play to place a lay bet at custom ticks or % below actual SP

Then use a green up rule to spread the profits once the lay is matched - sometimes this will mean it'll green for a worse price as it drifts back out but other times you'll get a better price as it continues in, so over time this would itself even its self out for you so would IMO be the best way of doing it.


Bfexplorer Solution:

In my previous post I showed how to setup a bot to place betfair SP bet: Can I Place a Betfair SP Bet?

To setup a bot to close yort bet position bu hedging (lay with greening) we can use the bot named: “Close Selection Bet Position” setting the parameter Profit, and Loss if we want to hedge bet position in Loss, otherwise leave this parameter set to 0 (zero).

What is important is set the parameter: WaitForValidBetPosition to True (checked), because when betfair SP is placed, the bet does not appear in bets, it appears in bets only when market is turned at in-play and SP bets are calculated for each horse and matched.

The last step is to combine these two bots settings in one bot, we can execute manually or using the Bot Executor to start our bot automatically. The bot name is: “Sequence Execution” adding our two bots settings to BotNames parameter.

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